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Our interest in Boxers goes back over 20 years, even though we didn't run right out at that time to purchase one. As our three sons were growing up, we would spend the school time months following their sporting events. During the summer months we would load up the horses each weekend and head off to either Quarter Horse or Reining Horse shows. At one particular show site, the kids would all get together after each show to play ball. Many of the parents would pull up lawn chairs to watch, talk and enjoy a refreshing drink. Along with the parents there were 2 Boxers who also watched from the bed of a pickup truck. They would sit there for hours watching and hoping someone would stop by and pet them. Linda and I were always amazed at how these dogs would watch the kids and how they thrived on the attention they received. At this time we were raising the Quarter Horse "dog of choice", Australian Shepherds, and didn't give much consideration to switching to Boxers.

As the kids got older and eventually moved away from home, we found ourselves with a Yellow Lab/Chow mix and a Whippet that actually belonged to one of our sons. When these dogs passed, Linda and I decided that we would take a break from dogs. That lasted 2 weeks. I was working out of our home at that time and couldn't believe how quiet it was. When Linda came home from work one day, I told her that we had to find a dog. The search was on. We had raised everything from St. Bernards to Irish Setters in the past, along with many mixed breeds. We knew we didn't want to go that route again. Linda started doing some research and one dog kept coming up on every list of things we wanted in a dog, the Boxer. We decided that we would begin looking for one. We purchased a plain brindle female that we named Cassie. Unfortunately, she started having seizures when she was 6 months old and we lost her shortly thereafter. As devastating as that was, we knew we had to find a replacement as soon as possible.

We found another brindle female who we named Gabby . Not knowing "the standard", we really didn't know what to look for when buying a Boxer. If you look at Gabby, you will know that immediately. She has been spayed and is our couch potato. She has helped "raise" many puppies for us, even though she has never had any of her own. About 2 months after we bought Gabby, we received a call from a breeder who we had contacted during our search. She said that she had a very nice fawn female. We decided to drive over and take a look at the litter. Well you guessed it; we came home with a flashy fawn puppy that we named Brooke .

Linda began taking Brooke to the Medina Kennel Club for socialization and it was there that she met other Boxer owners. They encouraged her to "show" Brooke. We talked about it and got Linda's cousin, who showed Doberman's, involved. When Brooke turned 6 months old, she, Linda and cousin Debbie hit the road to set the Boxer world on its ear. You guessed it again; it was a very rocky road. After a lot of money, mileage, and frustration we almost quit. But, with some help from friends, we kept going and eventually finished Brooke. The rest is pretty much history. We now have champions from bitches that we have bred. We have sold puppies that have become champions and we have purchased dogs that are on their way to becoming champions. In 2006 we made a serious commitment to our breeding program and hopefully there will be many more White Pine champions in the future. We are members of the Medina Kennel Club, Ohio Boxer Club and the American Boxer Club.