Featured here is: Heart Acres Backed by Gold from White Pine (aka) Ivy.  Ivy is from Heart Acres Gold Investment from
White Pine and Am/Can Ch. Josha's Linebacker Cd, CGC, SOM, CSOM, LOM, CLOM.  She is owned by me and Dr. James and Priscilla Kilman.

Ivy has made quite a splash on the show circuit.  I guess she is following in her Mom's paw prints by pointing from the 6-9 puppy class her first few times in the show ring.  She has won several Reserve Winners awards.

Ivy makes a great show dog but is really hard to live with.  You can't turn your back on her or she steals stuff from the table and the counters, whatever her little paws can reach, she gets.  She is also teaching Koal all her bad habits.

I am really excited about this little bitch and look for good things from her.