Well, here we go with an update of what's been happening around White Pine.

Want to see pictures of some of the "pet" puppies that we have placed?Click on the button to the right.

Well it's only taken 9 months for me to update this page this time. Things, as usual, have been crazy around here. The kennel boarding business has really picked up this year. The last two years were pretty awful. Guess people are getting used to paying $3.50+ a gallon for gas. Not me!!

Onyx finished her championship in June and when she finished she made her dad, Willie, a Sire of Merit. For those that don't know what that is, it means Willie has had at least 7 of his off-spring become champions. Pretty nice accoplishment, and he's still going strong with a lot more "kids" out there showing.

We have several "young ones" starting their show careers. Bopper has 7 points and 2 Best Of Breed, from the Am. Bred class, wins already. We're about down to looking for majors for her. That's tough. Honey has also achieved a Best of Breed win from the Bred By class. She only has 1 point so far but she has several Reserves. Carrie started her show career but we are letting her mature a little right now and then there is Ty. The jury is still out on what is going to happen with him. Linda has shown him a couple of times and he has done well but he is one of those dogs that is "busy" and you have to keep his attention all of the time or he forgets what he is doing. Typical boxer I guess.

We haven't had any puppies in quite a while but we are hoping for a couple of litters in October, 2011. We brought some new blood into our line and are excited about what they may offer. They all have excellent pedigrees. They also have longevity in their lines which is something we look for. The girls have a lot of "bone" or substance and we're hoping they pass that on to their off-spring. We feel the boxers of today are becoming too refined and "elegant". We like to see a good working dog when we look at a boxer and that is the aim of our breeding program. We want them to be good looking but still be able to function as a working dog. Some of these skinny little things we are seeing now could never bring down a wild boar or do any type of hunting. OK Bob, get off the soapbox.

Well that's about it for now. Please keep our service men and women in your thoughts and prayers. Our son Greg retired from the Air Force after 20 years (boy am I feeling old) and that was a very happy day in our lives. Please pray for the safe return of all the others serving our country. Later.......


We finally found the picture that was made at American Greetings. It showed up on a gift bag at Wal-Mart. I understand that it has also been spotted at CVS on all occasion cards. That's our Paige. Look who has the most poker chips. Hey, that's my beer. Wait til her kids see this. BAD MOM.