Here you'll find a listing of our puppies and dogs that are currently available FOR SALE. For more information on purchasing our puppies please see the Contact page for details.

All pet puppies are sold under a spay/neuter contract.

Also, watch "BREEDINGS" for news on which of our bitches are being bred and also outside bitches that have been bred by our boys. We'll also post pictures of all puppies from outside breedings that are available on the "BREEDINGS" page and info on who to contact.

PLEASE, if you are inquiring about puppies, tell us a little about yourself; your family, where you live and the type of environment the puppy would be going into, any other dogs, have you ever had a boxer, why do you want a boxer? This is how we get a feel for the homes our puppies go to. If you send an email and say "I want a puppy, how much?" there is a good chance that I won't respond. Hope you understand. We want our puppies going to the best homes possible so we want to get to know something about you. Hopefully, in the process, you'll get to know us also.


2021 December litter - parents Liam & Wish
First 5 sold by Jan 5th!
The Three Below were available a while longer!


Classic Fawn Female
Flashy Fawn Female
White Female